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Liquid Facelift

Dedicated to helping you look your best

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Liquid Facelift

Dedicated to helping you look your best.


Liquid Facelift

A “liquid facelift” is becoming ever more popular in turning back the aging clock. With little to no downtime and very minimal discomfort this is an outpatient, non-surgical procedure. This treatment combines fillers and neurotoxins to achieve the most natural look. Dr. Dickerson expertly evaluates each patient and develops an individualized plan to give the most natural, youthful look. This treatment can be done slowly over time or more rapidly if the patient prefers.

The “liquid facelift” can be used to address several issues such as wrinkles, creases and volume loss of the aging face by adding volume in any areas of the face and relaxing muscles with natural products. The overall procedure can give you dramatic and younger looking results.

This treatment works well in combination with the Active or Max FX laser. This laser also gives a more youthful look. The Active and Max FX treatments rejuvenate and smooth your skin by tightening your skin and removing sun damage.

Combination treatments work best for patients when they have several issues they want to address. This applies to most people.

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